«Mio carissimo Padre, venerdì mattina ero ancora a letto, quando mi apparve Gesù. [111], Saint Pio of Pietrelcina was named the patron saint of civil defence volunteers, after a group of 160 petitioned the Italian Bishops’ conference for this designation. Il volto del Padre era trasfigurato, i suoi occhi rivolti a quella figura di luce che aveva tra le braccia, le braccia aperte in un sorriso stupito. [112] He is also “less officially” known as the patron saint of stress relief and the “January blues,” after the Catholic Enquiry Office in London proclaimed him as such. Following Maccari's Apostolic Visitation, John XXIII noted in his diary that he sees Father Pio as a "straw idol" (idolo di stoppa).[69]. Mancava poco a mezzogiorno quando, passando davanti alla sua cella, ho visto Padre Pio intento a cercare non so cosa. Despite this, On 27 January 1907, he still made his solemn profession. My real mission will begin after my death. A media offensive by the Capuchins was able to realise a broad acceptation of the contested saint in society. Sacerdoti che non onorano il loro ministero anzi, confondono e allontanano le anime. [5], Francesco's father went to the United States[7] in search of work to pay for private tutoring for his son, to meet the academic requirements to enter the Capuchin Order. Potreste indicarmi la fonte ( pp. uomini e per la nostra salvezza discese dal cielo e per opera dello Spirito Santo si è Overall impression: pitiful. After eight days of investigation, he finally completed a benevolent report, which he sent to the Holy Office on October 4, 1921, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. Padre Pio und die Fotografie. [61], Father Carlo Maccari was Secretary-General of the Diocese of Rome and met Pio nine times altogether. Sergio Luzzatto (2011): Padre Pio: Miracles and Politics in Secular Age, p. 259. Sergio Luzzatto (2011): Padre Pio: Miracles and Politics in a Secular Age, p. 68. The only difference was that his hands and feet and side were dripping blood. In his report, Maccari noted that Pio had inadequate religious education. "[66] Maccari called Pio's supporters "a vast and dangerous organization. His remains was shown to the public in the Shrine of Holy Mary of Grace, Madonna delle Grazie Church in San Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia province, Italy, from April 24, 2008 to September 2009. Le parole di Padre Pio per Novena di Natale: “Gesù chiama poveri e semplici pastori, per mezzo degli Angioli per manifestarsi ad essi”. Padre Pio pregava in mezzo a noi. La Novena di Natale ci prepara alla nascita del Redentore. Sergio Luzzatto (2011): Padre Pio: Miracles and Politics in a Secular Age, p. 141. He also asked for other things, such as Valda pastilles. I thought I should have died if the Lord had not intervened and strengthened my heart which was about to burst out of my chest. Gemelli saw as its cause the use of a corrosive substance. [110], A statue of Pio in Messina, Sicily attracted attention in 2002 when it supposedly wept tears of blood. Davanti a Gesù, per una necessaria e meritata pausa, scompariva il padre Pio… [104], Cardinal José Saraiva Martins, prefect for the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints, celebrated Mass for 15,000 devotees on April 24 at the Shrine of Holy Mary of Grace, San Giovanni Rotondo, before the body went on display in a crystal, marble, and silver sepulcher in the crypt of the monastery. The first St Padre Pio parish http://www.stpp.church/home.html in the world was established 16 June 2002 in Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada. Once made public, the wounds were studied by a number of physicians, some hired by the Vatican as part of an independent investigation. La salute peggiora e ritorna a Pietrelcina. Catholic television network EWTN biography. Because he said Mass humbly, heard confessions from dawn to dusk and was–it is not easy to say it–one who bore the wounds of our Lord. Padre Pio soleva recitare ogni giorno questa potente preghiera.E questo in favore di tutti coloro che ne avevano richiesto la preghiera.Così ha fatto che si verificassero molti miracoli ed eventi favorevoli.Questa fu la preghiera preferita di Padre Pio*. Sergio Luzzatto (2011): Padre Pio: Miracles and Politics in a Secular Age, p. 89. A 2006 survey by the magazine Famiglia Cristiana found that more Italian Catholics pray to Padre Pio for intercession than to any other figure. [4] He was baptized in the nearby Santa Anna Chapel, which stands upon the walls of a castle. [42] Gemelli critically judged Pio: "The case is one of suggestion unconsciously planted by Father Benedetto in the weak mind of Padre Pio, producing those characteristic manifestations of psittacism that are intrinsic to the hysteric mind. Vale tutto e il contrario di tutto: funerali trasformati in spettacoli, gay-pride all’insegna della blasfemia, rappresentazioni teatrali dissacranti messe in scena non si sa per quale ragione. Gesù spiega a padre Pio qual è il vero "potere immenso" nella Chiesa. [68] The Vatican initially imposed severe sanctions on Pio in the 1920s to reduce publicity about him: it forbade him from saying Mass in public, blessing people, answering letters, showing his stigmata publicly, and communicating with Padre Benedetto, his spiritual director. Sì, “macellai di anime”! [3][5] He worked on the land up to the age of 10, looking after the small flock of sheep the family owned. Credo in un solo Signore Gesù Cristo unigenito figlio di Dio nato dal Padre prima di tutti i secoli. Nel 1919, fr. Quando la visione svanì, Padre Pio … Sergio Luzzatto (2011): Padre Pio: Miracles and Politics in a Secular Age, p. 273. Padre Pio proibiva ogni forma di ricorso allo spiritismo ed alle pratiche dell’occulto. 1°- Il mondo sta andando verso la rovina. "[46] Gemelli wrote in 1940 and later several times to the Holy Office on what he considered to be unjustified claims to the sanctity of Father Pio. [13] Those close to him attest that he began to manifest several spiritual gifts, including the gifts of healing, bilocation, levitation, prophecy, miracles, extraordinary abstinence from both sleep and nourishment (one account states that Padre Agostino recorded one instance in which Padre Pio was able to subsist for at least 20 days at Verafeno on only communion wafers without any other nourishment), the ability to read hearts, the gift of tongues, the gift of conversions, and pleasant-smelling wounds. [citation needed]. The heart wound bleeds continually, especially from Thursday evening until Saturday. They designated the most depressing day of the year, identified as January 22, as Don't Worry Be Happy Day, in honor of Padre Pio's famous advice: “Pray, hope, and don’t worry.”[113], Padre Pio has become one of the world's most popular saints. Based on Pio's correspondence, even early in his priesthood he experienced less obvious indications of the visible stigmata: bodily marks, pain, and bleeding in locations supposedly corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ. [98] At 2:30 a.m. he died in his cell in San Giovanni Rotondo. Era esattamente quanto gli chiedeva Gesù, il quale parlò a Padre Pio dell’immenso privilegio riservato ad ogni sacerdote: accogliere Gesù in quel modo non era possibile nemmeno a Maria, Sua Madre e Madre di tutti noi; e si fossero ritrovati a servir Messa i più importanti Angeli Serafini, non sarebbero stati degni di essere accanto al sacerdote in quel momento meraviglioso dell’Eucaristia. He directed Christians to recognize God in all things and to desire above all things to do the will of God. Gesù soffre per il tradimento delle «anime più predilette», i sacerdoti, i quali sono i primi a lasciarlo da solo nelle chiese, ignorando il Tabernacolo: «Il mio Cuore è dimenticato, nessuno si cura più del mio Amore». Padre Pio riportò fedelmente anche la condanna del mondo sacerdotale: «La mia Casa è divenuta per molti un teatro di divertimenti; anche i miei ministri, che io ho sempre guardato con predilezione, che io ho amato come pupilla dell’occhio mio; esse dovrebbero confortare il mio cuore colmo di amarezze; essi dovrebbero aiutarmi nella redenzione delle anime; invece chi lo crederebbe..! [31][32] The "Casa sollievo della sofferenza" opened in 1956. Dear Father, I am dying of pain because of the wounds and the resulting embarrassment I feel deep in my soul. A poor soul, able to repeat a few stereotypical religious phrases, a poor, sick man who has learned his lesson from his master, Father Benedetto. [29], Lodovico Montini, head of Democrazia Cristiana and his brother Giovanni Battista Montini (later Pope Paul VI) facilitated engagement by UNRRA. Preghiera a Padre Pio. per adorare ed amare; dà lume al mio intelletto. Coroncina di Padre Pio (detta anche coroncina al Sacro Cuore di Gesù) 1. He had an older brother, Michele, and three younger sisters, Felicita, Pellegrina, and Grazia (who was later to become a Bridgettine nun). Archbishop Domenico Umberto D'Ambrosio, Papal legate to the shrine in San Giovanni Rotondo, stated "the top part of the skull is partly skeletal but the chin is perfect and the rest of the body is well preserved". Ritorna alla prima pagina del Documento "Gesù ti riempia il cuore di tutto sé stesso" 19 settembre 1968. Mio Padre non vuole più sopportarli». "[68], Maccari finished his critical report with a list of recommendations for further dealing with Father Pio. This sight terrified me and what I felt at that moment is indescribable. On 27 July of the same year, Padre Pio offered himself as a victim for the end of the war. Il 12 marzo 1913, mentre padre Pio stava pregando, gli apparve Gesù, triste e dolorante, che gli disse: «Con quanta ingratitudine viene ripagato il mio amore dagli uomini! He was also given honorary permission to preach despite never having taken the exam for the preaching license. Litanie del Sacro Cuore di Gesù. Le parole di Padre Pio per Novena di Natale: “Gesù chiama poveri e semplici pastori, per mezzo degli Angioli per manifestarsi ad essi”. Arriva il miracolo di Natale, Negli ospedali, oltre il Covid, sta emergendo un altro contagio. He works a lot for a man of his age. "[4] On that day, as he was engaged in prayer in the choir loft in the Church of Our Lady of Grace, he received another celestial vision which led to religious ecstasy. Imagine the agony I experienced and continue to experience almost every day. Later, Poltawska's cancer was apparently found to be in spontaneous remission. Un'immensa folla di fedeli, accorsi da ogni parte del mondo, si prepara a celebrare con il Padre il cinquantesimo anniversario delle stigmate. Although he had been granted the stigmata, he had been so terrified by the phenomenon he begged the Lord to withdraw them. [106][107][108] Officials extended the display through September, 2009. The hospital was to be given new statutory statutes to sever the responsibilities of the medical and spiritual "healing" capuchins. Raffaele da Sant’Elia a Pianisi, vide Padre Pio nel corridoio della clausura del convento di san Giovanni Rotondo, con Gesù bambino tra le braccia «tutto luminoso». La completezza dell'Informazione è nell'interesse di tutti. Coloro che dovrebbero essere il conforto di Gesù e i pastori delle nostre anime, diventano ultimamente troppo spesso coloro che crocifiggono nuovamente il Signore e che conducono le nostre anime alla perdizione. [117], A sculpture of Padre Pio in Taormina, Sicily, Sculpture of Pio of Pietrelcina in Villa di Galceto in the province of Prato, 20th-century Italian saint, priest stigmatist and mystic, Investigations of Padre Pio by medical and church authorities, Amico Bignami, medical examination from 1919, Giorgio Festa, medical examinations 1919 and 1920, Agostino Gemelli, psychiatric examination 1920 and medical examination 1925, Raffaele Rossi, First Apostolic Visitation of 1921, John XXIII, investigations and tape recordings, after 1958, Carlo Maccari, Second Apostolic Visitation of 1960. [80] Many critics (both contemporary and posthumous) accused Pio of faking the stigmata, for example by using carbolic acid to make the wounds. [28] The United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) also contributed funding - 250 million Italian lire. Grazie. LE PREGHIERE DI PADRE PIO A GESU' BAMBINO . Come uscire da questo “pantano”? On 22 January, he took the Franciscan habit and the name of Fra (Friar) Pio, in honor of Pope Pius I, whose relic is preserved in the Santa Anna Chapel in Pietrelcina. [53] Rossi also made a request to the Holy Office, a chronicle to consult with Father Pio, who is assembling Father Benedetto, or at least to have the material he has collected so that one day one can write about the life of Father Pio. Lucia Ceci: The Vatican and Mussolini's Italy, Brill, 2016, , p. 114. Davanti a Gesù, per una necessaria e meritata pausa, scompariva il padre Pio… ecstasy, and allegedly levitating above the ground.[9]. (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Padre Pio, also known as Saint Pio of Pietrelcina (Italian: Pio da Pietrelcina), (25 May 1887 – 23 September 1968), was an Italian friar, priest, stigmatist and mystic, now venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church. I feel in the depths of my soul a wound that is always open and which causes me continual agony. photo web source. In April 2010 they were moved to a special golden "Cripta". According to the diary of Father Agostino da San Marco (who was later his spiritual director in San Marco in Lamis) the young Francesco was afflicted with a number of illnesses. Padre Pio pregava in mezzo a noi. O Padre, come tuo Figlio Gesù, hai innalzato da terra sulla croce del mondo San Pio da Pietrelcina per attrarre tutti a lui. The friars there informed them that they were interested in accepting Francesco into their community, but he needed to be better educated. Mi ha sorriso. San Pio, sacerdote santo, rinnovò il sacrificio dal profondo del cuore. Era tutto malconcio e sfigurato», scrisse il santo sacerdote cappuccino. per contemplare la sublimità. In tutte quelle visioni, qualcosa in particolare sconvolse il frate di Pietrelcina: perché quello sguardo triste e quelle lacrime? [18][19] Luzzatto, suggests that Caradonna established a "praetorian guard" around Pio to protect him from removal by church authorities. This occurrence is considered as a transverberation or "piercing of the heart", indicating the union of love with God within Christian mysticism. Le apparizioni di Gesù a Padre Pio. In the middle of the palms of my hands a red mark appeared, about the size of a penny, accompanied by acute pain in the middle of the red marks. He vomited frequently and could digest only milk and cheese. A discussion of the effects of his life on others followed. "[21] Brunatto's publisher, Giorgio Berlutti, had been an enthusiastic supporter of Mussolini's March on Rome, and used the biography to raise Pio's profile. Padre Pio: Home Padre Pio ieri e oggi Storia di Drioli Scritti di Drioli Apocalisse Foto di P.Pio Foto varie Cleonice Morcaldi 1 ... Questo mondo dei morti è descritto da Gesù in una parabola. Ti ringrazio, perché tramite la sua intercessione, hai attratto me a te, al tuo Figlio Gesù ed alla Chiesa. Novena a Santo Pio. Till the end, he repeated the words "Gesù, Maria" (Jesus, Mary). [92] John Paul's secretary, Stanisław Dziwisz, denies the prediction,[93] while George Weigel's biography Witness to Hope, which contains an account of the same visit, does not mention it. In a letter to Padre Benedetto, his superior and spiritual advisor from San Marco in Lamis, dated 22 October 1918, Pio described his experience of receiving the stigmata: On the morning of the 20th of last month, in the choir, after I had celebrated Mass I yielded to a drowsiness similar to a sweet sleep. Tu che hai portato la Croce per tutti noi, sopportando le sofferenze fisiche e morali che ti flagellavano anima e corpo in un martirio continuo, intercedi presso Dio affinché ognuno di noi sappia accettare le piccole e le grandi Croci della vita, trasformando ogni singola sofferenza in un sicuro … P. 39. Saint Pio and Saint Leopold Mandic were designated as saint-confessors to inspire people to become reconciled to the Church and to God, by the confession of their sins. Quel giorno gli apparve Gesù gli rivelo che l’Italia sarebbe entrata in guerra. Pio died in 1968 at the age of 81. In 1971, three years after his death, Pope Paul VI said to the superiors of the Capuchin Order about Pio: Look what fame he had, what a worldwide following gathered around him! Papaboys.org. [...] I saw before me a mysterious person similar to the one I had seen on the evening of 5 August. Later, in 1938, Pio had his elderly father Grazio live with him. In 1982, the Holy See authorized the archbishop of Manfredonia to open an investigation to determine whether Pio should be canonized. "Italy to build solar-energy-producing statue of saint", "Padre Pio de Pietrelcina" in Vatican News Service, Padre Pio of Pietrelcina – Official website, Magazine "The Voice of Padre Pio" – Official website, Sanctuary of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina – Official Website, Padre Pio of Pietrelcina – Official TV and radio channels, Padre Pio of Pietrelcina – Books and religious gifts, "Italian Saint Stirs Up a Mix of Faith and Commerce". S. Cuore di Gesù… The vision disappeared and I became aware that my hands, feet and side were dripping blood. Because he was wise? Dagli scritti di Padre Pio: «Gesù si vede legato, trascinato dai suoi nemici per le vie di Gerusalemme, per quelle stesse vie ove pochi giorni innanzi era passato trionfalmente acclamato quale Messia… Si vede dinanzi ai Pontefici percosso, dichiarato da essi reo di morte. SAN PIO DA PIETRELCINA . At six he suffered from severe gastroenteritis. Vogliamo pregare, facendoci aiutare dalle profonde meditazioni di Padre Pio, per riceverlo prima di tutto nel nostro cuore e nelle nostre famiglie. "Exhumed body of Italian saint draws thousands". Vogliamo pregare, facendoci aiutare dalle profonde meditazioni di Padre Pio, per riceverlo prima di tutto nel nostro cuore e nelle nostre famiglie. Amato Padre Pio da Pietrelcina, che hai portato sul tuo corpo i segni della Passione di Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo. The Church authorities decided that Pio be relocated to another convent in northern Italy. He came to the conclusion that Francesco Forgione was a man of "restricted field of knowledge, low psychic energy, monotonous ideas, little volition." Whatever is extraordinary about what Father Pio does that can not be explained, but certainly not by the intervention of the devil, or by deception or dizziness. Da Padre Marcellino IasenzaNiro, Padre Pio, profilo di un santo. [3] When he was baptized, he was given the name Francesco. 70-74 ) di queste dichiarazioni ? IL NOSTRO MERAVIGLIOSO VIAGGIO NELLA VITA E NELLA SPIRITUALITÀ DI PADRE PIO DA PIETRELCINA. After Gemma forgot to ask Padre Pio for grace during her confession, her grandmother implored the priest to ask God to restore her sight. "[52] As for the page, it says: "At its side, the sign appears in the form of a triangular spot in the color of red wine and other, smaller patches, which at that time no longer take the shape of a[clarification needed]. Preghiamo dunque per i nostri sacerdoti, affinché siano santi e non “diavoli”. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Padre_Pio&oldid=994360932, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Italian-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2019, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from September 2019, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from April 2019, Articles with Italian-language sources (it), Wikipedia articles with CINII identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SELIBR identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with Trove identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Sculptures and altars of Padre Pio throughout the world, This page was last edited on 15 December 2020, at 09:30. Il 12 marzo 1913, mentre padre Pio stava pregando, gli apparve Gesù, triste e dolorante, che gli disse: «Con quanta ingratitudine viene ripagato il mio amore dagli uomini! On 21 September 1968, the day after the 50th anniversary of his receiving the stigmata, Padre Pio felt great fatigue. Padre Pio cerco il tuo amore la tua intercessione per la grazia che ardentemente desidero (….) In 1999, on the advice of the Congregation, John Paul II declared Padre Pio blessed. che Gesù e la Mamma nostra nei cieli ci inviano dai loro Sacratissimi Cuori dal Loro Amore dallo Spirito Santo che è in ognuno di noi e che accoglie tutto ciò che è buono per l’anima. When Francesco expressed his desire to his parents, they made a trip to Morcone, a community 13 miles (21 km) north of Pietrelcina, to find out if their son was eligible to enter the Order. Una signora racconta: “ Mi confessai da Padre Pio nel mese di novembre del 1948. Padre Pio Beato e Santo. The Sanctuary of Saint Pio of Pietrelcina is located in San Giovanni Rotondo, Province of Foggia, Italy. [72], On 20 September 1918, while hearing confessions, Pio claimed to have had a reappearance of the physical occurrence of the stigmata. Pietrelcina was a town where feast days of saints were celebrated throughout the year, and the Forgione family was deeply religious. Cercando una risposta abbiamo ritrovato degli scritti del cappuccino di Pietrelcina redatti di suo pugno. [6], As a youth, Francesco reported that he had experienced heavenly visions and ecstasies. Le apparizioni di Gesù a Padre Pio. Ti adoriamo, Cristo, e ti benediciamo: perchè con la Tua Santa Croce hai redento il mondo.“Pilato lo diede nelle loro mani perché fosse crocifisso; presero dunque Gesù e lo condussero via” (Gv 19,16). [50], In his notes, which have been put directly on paper, and the final report, Rossi describes the shape and appearance of the wounds. Some claimed that the wounds were unexplainable and never seem to have become infected. [33] Pio handed direct control to the Holy See. Padre Pio scongiura il superiore provinciale di mandarlo per un po’ di tempo a San Giovanni Rotondo “dove Gesù mi assicura che starò meglio” - dice. [84][85] Gemma's grandmother did not believe the child had been healed. Visualizza altre idee su preghiera, gesù, immagini religiose. Pio often wore red mittens or black coverings on his hands and feet as he was embarrassed by the marks. [23] Pio also took a positive attitude towards Benito Mussolini. Pio's mother died at the village around the convent in 1928. Il cuore di Gesù ed il cuore di Padre Pio si fusero. [114] There are more than 3,000 "Padre Pio Prayer Groups" worldwide, with three million members. I asked the boy to leave because I felt ill and no longer had the strength to continue. O Padre, come tuo Figlio Gesù, hai innalzato da terra sulla croce del mondo San Pio da Pietrelcina per attrarre tutti a lui. Coroncina di Padre Pio (detta anche coroncina al Sacro Cuore di Gesù) 1. [13], Many people who heard of him traveled to San Giovanni Rotondo to meet him and confess to him, ask for help, or have their curiosity satisfied. In: Zeitschrift für Ideengeschichte, Heft IV/2 (2010), S. 71–96 (Paraphrase zu S. 74). Si allontanò da quella turba di sacerdoti con una grande espressione di disgusto sul volto, gridando: “Macellai!”. He moved to an agricultural community, Our Lady of Grace Capuchin Friary, located in the Gargano Mountains in San Giovanni Rotondo in the Province of Foggia. Finally, in the mid-1960s Pope Paul VI (pope from 1963 to 1978) dismissed all accusations against Padre Pio.[34][96][97]. [5] Although Francesco's parents and grandparents were illiterate, they narrated Bible stories to their children. Quanti sacerdoti, allora, ma soprattutto oggi, hanno il desiderio di sacrificarsi per le anime e per confortare il Sacro Cuore di Gesù, così tanto disprezzato dagli uomini? Padre Pio, also known as Saint Pio of Pietrelcina (Italian: Pio da Pietrelcina; 25 May 1887 – 23 September 1968), was an Italian friar, priest, stigmatist and mystic,[1] now venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church. Sergio Luzzatto (2011): Padre Pio: Miracles and Politics in a Secular Age , P. 270. 2.6K likes. [109], Pio's remains were placed in the church of Saint Pio, which is beside San Giovanni Rotondo. Quando la visione svanì, il Padre, da come lo guardavo, si rese conto che avevo He became a spiritual director, and developed five rules for spiritual growth: weekly confession, daily Communion, spiritual reading, meditation, and examination of conscience. Will he at least free me from the embarrassment caused by these outward signs? On the day of Padre Pio's death, mystic and Servant of God Maria Esperanza de Bianchini from Venezuela reported that he appeared to her in a vision and said, "I have come to say good-bye. Preghiera per Ottenere grazia. The blood flowing from the stigmata purportedly smelled of perfume or flowers. At the very instant that I saw all this, I saw that person hurl the weapon into my soul with all his might. «[…] A contatto di Gesù Eucaristia [Padre Pio] si trasfigurava; diventava, anche nell’aspetto fisico, fresco come una rosa appena sbocciata e perdeva, in certo qual senso, la cognizione dell’ora e del luogo. During his period of spiritual suffering, his followers believe that Padre Pio was attacked by the devil, both physically and spiritually. [102] Archbishop D’Ambrosio also confirmed in a communiqué that “the stigmata are not visible.”[103] He said that Pio's hands "looked like they had just undergone a manicure". Sergio Luzzatto (2011): Padre Pio: Miracles and Politics in a Secular Age. ", "Padre Pio da Pietrelcina Epistolario I° (1910–1922)", Pilgrimage: from the Ganges to Graceland : an encyclopedia, Volume 1, "Fifty years ago Italy's most famous modern saint was being treated like a criminal", "By Cardinal O'Malley OFM Cap. SETTIMA STAZIONE: Gesù cade per la seconda volta sotto la croce. [27], According to Luzzatto, the bulk of the money for financing the hospital came directly from Brunatto (a keen follower of Pio but who had made his fortune in the black market in German occupied France).