Manipulation of responsibility in non-clinical subjects: does expectation of failure exacerbate obsessive–compulsive behaviors? Francesco Mancini. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Aim: Social withdrawal is a potential signals of distress and mental illness such as psychosis, mood disorders, anxiety (Kirkcaldy & Siefen, 2012). Several studies suggest the existence of two different types of guilt emotions, namely deontological and altruistic guilt. We deal with positive emotions, whose psychopathogenic role still receives too little attention in experimental and clinical psychology. In literature nothing is known about the clinical significance of Ultra High Risk (UHR) symptoms in children and adolescents with diagnosis of obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD). Francesco Mancini adlı kullanıcının LinkedIn‘deki tam profili görün ve bağlantılarını ve benzer şirketlerdeki iş ilanlarını keşfedin. 2011). Individual differences can be observed in the propensity to experience certain emotions; for some emotions, most notably anxiety and disgust, the notion of sensitivity was also explored, namely one's tendency to evaluate negatively a given emotion and its effects. A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text. Neuroimaging data has shown that the two guilt feelings trigger different neura... A core symptom of Anorexia Nervosa (AN) is a severe alteration of body representations. Our study aimed to investigate the decision-m... INTRODUZIONE o La condizione di incarcerazione è particolarmente stressante per molte persone in stato di detenzione. Objectives Harming someone or breaking some moral imperative is usually linked to feeling guilt, and several researches suggested the existence of two different kinds of guilt: altruistic/empathic and deontological. Hãy thử lại sau. Extensive research has implicated identification with characters in mass media in the emergence of disordered eating behavior in adolescents. In this … Implications for psychopathology, Mindful disposition, rumination and insomnia, Specific Beliefs about Emotions Are Associated with Different Emotion-Regulation Strategies, SULLA NECESSITÀ DEGLI SCOPI COME DETERMINANTI PROSSIMI DELLA SOFFERENZA PSICOPATOLOGICA ON THE NECESSITY OF GOALS AND BELIEFS AS PROXIMAL DETERMINANTS OF PSYCHOPATHOLOGICAL SUFFERING, Early childhood experiences shaping vulnerability to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Cognitive-behavioral therapy for externalizing disorders: A meta-analysis of treatment effectiveness, Being alexithymic: Necessity or convenience. Elevated total plasma homocysteine and 677C--> T mutation of the 5, 10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene in thrombotic vascular disease. Francesco Mancini, Actor: L'Universale. Thus, the aim of the current study was to investigat... Forgiveness has been proven to be an effective way of regulating negative affect and decreasing depression. Consultez le profil complet sur LinkedIn et découvrez les relations de Francesco, ainsi que des emplois dans des entreprises similaires. Mancini was mainly an opera composer who served the insatiable Neapolitan market, writing as many as 30 works for the stage, plus numerous oratorios, and a body sacred vocal music … At the moment in all the west world (United States, France,... Introduction FP Mancini, A Lanni, L Sabatino, M Moreno, A Giannino, F Contaldo, ... V Mooser, FP Mancini, S Bopp, A Pethö-Schramm, R Guerra, ... B Basile, F Mancini, E Macaluso, C Caltagirone, R S.J, FR S.J, M Bozzali, Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry 35 (2), 109-120. The term 'hikikomori” defines a particular form of social withdrawal recognized in Japan at the end of the last century (Saito, 1998). Interpersonal vs. intrapsychic or psychoanalytic), describing guilt as a unique kind of feeling. In this paper we will argue the existence of two distinct feelings of guilt: altruistic guilt and deontological guilt. People often make complicated decisions to help or to punish perfect strangers. About. 's single-process explanation does little to account for this diversity. Francesco MANCINI. Literature suggests that checking behaviors are aimed at reducing feelings of uncertainty both in clinical samples with obsessive‐compulsive disorder and in general population. Negative emotionality × avoidant coping interactions and alexithymia, Individual differences in guilt sensitivity: The Guilt Sensitivity Scale (GSS), Do not play God: contrasting effects of deontological guilt and pride on decision-making, The two dimensions of the body representation in women suffering from Anorexia Nervosa, The relevance of maintaining and worsening processes in psychopathology, Deontological guilt and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, An experimental re-examination of the inferential confusion hypothesis of obsessive-compulsive doubt, Early Adolescents in Social Withdrawal: Elements for the Assessment of Hikikomori Sindrome, Early Adolescence in Social Withdrawal: Two Hikikomori in Treatment, Extreme Social Withdrawal in Early Adolescence: Epidemiological Data On Italian Hikikomori, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Department of Biotechnological and Applied Clinical Sciences, Department of Developmental and Social Psychology. Francesco Mancini, dit Francesco « Lord » Mancini, (né à Naples le 19 janvier 1830 et mort à Naples le 24 juillet 1905), est un peintre et aquarelliste italien, lié à l'École de Resìna. In this article we focus on hypomania and mania in bipolar disorder and, in all probability, only in some types of bipolar disorder. It consists of prompting patients to rescript the autobiographical memory in line with their unmet needs. Objectives and Aims Curare il disturbo ossessivo-compulsivo. 201. We aimed to clarify the associations between negative emotionality, avoidant coping, and alexithymia. This research suggests that the... Introduction In 2014 we published a paper in this Journal: Hout, M. A. van den, Gangemi, A., Mancini, F., Engelhard, I.M., Rijkeboer, M.M., van Dam, M., & Klugkist, I. Cytokine regulation of low density lipoprotein receptor gene transcription in HepG2 cells. Attraverso un’intervista on-line o telefonica sono stati raccolti dati su con-... Background: Hệ thống không thể thực hiện thao tác ngay bây giờ. Comportamenti vendicativi e punitivi, invece,... La letteratura scientifica ha evidenziato che le dimensioni della spiritualità e/o religione (S/R) sono rilevanti anche per il benessere psicologico di adolescenti e preadolescenti (Milevsky, & Levitt, 2004). Patients should have access to targe... Background: During the first years of life, parental sleep strongly depends on child’s sleep quality. Francesco has 3 jobs listed on their profile. But what kind of guilt do OC patients want to prevent? They therefore develop characteristic strategies of r... Obesity is a growing burden in our societies and, although different kinds of treatments are effective in the short time, weight gain often reoccurs in the longer period. Reply to commentaries, Efficacia in termini di esiti professionali della formazione in Psicoterapia. Personality and individual Differences 31 (7), 1173-1180. Francesco Mancini Associate Dean (Executive Education) & Associate Professor in Practice, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Tutti abbiamo cose da cui troviamo difficile separarci, anche se non hanno nessun valore intrinseco, per esempio il primo quaderno di scuola, la T-shirt autografata dal nostro cantante preferito, la prima edizione di un libro che amiamo. In the West there is an increasing frequency of adolescents hikikomori. The hikikomori are called “family heremits” or “bedroom here... Introduction Francesco Mancini (a cura di), La mente ossessiva. Literature reviews have shown that trait-mindfulness is significantly correlated to emotional wellbeing, both in adults and in children. This study aimed at examining the relationship among Moreover, some other crucial phenomena of psychopathology do not fit this theory: the role of negative evaluations of conscious emotions, and the role of emotions without physiological correlates. Prevalence and Clinical Significance of Symptoms at Ultra High Risk for Psychosis in Children and Adolescents with Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder: Is There an Association with Global, Role, and Social Functioning? Francesco Mancini bol posledný veľký barokový skladateľ, aj keď jeho dielo je dnes trocha nedocenené. Francesco Mancini adlı kullanıcının dünyanın en büyük profesyonel topluluğu olan LinkedIn‘deki profilini görüntüleyin. View Francesco Mancini’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Vi sono, infatti, importanti associazioni tra S/R e un’ampia gamma di domini di adattamento e benessere psicologico (Good, & Willoughby, 2014... Riassunto Oggetto: Il legame tra disgusto e sfera morale è noto in letteratura. Despite evidence pointing to the associations of maladaptive emotion regulation strategies (ERS) with psychopathology, little is known about their underlying mechanisms. 504, € 38,00 . Despite such a critical role in psychopatology, goals and functions of rumination have not yet been unravelled. The UFSMIA Arezzo has received a number of requests to take care of adolescents bearing strong similarities to... Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. They may be learned in childhood and adolescence, through particular experiences and pare... Gli oggetti che possediamo rappresentano parte di noi e della nostra storia. Doctor of Medicine. Deontological guilt and altruistic guilt: A dualistic approach, Deontological morality can be experimentally enhanced by increasing disgust: A transcranial direct current stimulation study, The more you judge the worse you feel. Francesco Mancini Associate Dean (Executive Education) & Associate Professor in Practice, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Singapore. Objective: Two kinds of guilt feelings have been postulated: altruistic and deontological. Often, patients with OCD report memories characterized by guilt-inducing reproaches. Francesco Mancini. Francesco Mancini Associate Dean (Executive Education) & Associate Professor in Practice, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Singapore 500+ connections Vo svojej dobe bol druhým najslávnejším skladateľom po Alessandrovi Scarlatim. We detected rates of employment in young psychologists graduated in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy specialization schools in different branches of the Associazione di Psicologia Cognitiva (APC) and Scuola di Psicoterapia Cogn... Riassunto. ; Università "G. Marconi" Roma; APC, Professor, EPFL & CHUV; Emeritus professor UCL, Professor of Psychological Science, University of Western Australia, Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies - CNR, Fatty streak formation occurs in human fetal aortas and is greatly enhanced by maternal hypercholesterolemia. Three hundred... Ricerche sperimentali dimostrano che la terapia centrata sul perdono (Enright & Fitzgibbons, 2000) o singoli moduli (Hoffman, 1995) conducono a un decremento di depressione, ansia, rabbia, all’incremento dell’autostima, fiducia e speranza (Levenson et al., 2006; Lin et al., 2004; Reed & Enright, 2006). constructs particularly relevant to adolescents’ well-being, including forgivingness With a diploma in Visual and Graphic Design and over three years of professional experience in visual communication, I am well versed in different areas of design and have successfully conceived and outlined solutions for print and digital media, advertising, integrated campaigns and events. We propose a hypothesis with regard to the psychological mechanisms involved in... La depressione è il disturbo mentale più diffuso al mondo e i suoi esiti possono essere molto gravi, comportando disabilità e suicidio. Profile. Il a été élève de Francesco Provenzale et de Gennaro Ursino. School of Cognitive Psychotherapy Rome Italy, Università degli Studi della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli, Scuola di Psicoterapia Cognitiva, Italy; Rome, Association of Cognitive Psychology, Rome Italy, ICI Istituto Clinico Interuniversitario Humanitas, The Social Mentalities Scale: A new measure for assessing the interpersonal motivations underlying social relationships, A Systematic Review of Instruments to Assess Guilt in Children and Adolescents, Insomnia in the Italian Population During Covid-19 Outbreak: A Snapshot on One Major Risk Factor for Depression and Anxiety, La vendetta nelle relazioni interpersonali, Imagery Rescripting on Guilt-Inducing Memories in OCD: A Single Case Series Study, Appendix_SMS_English_and_Italian_Versions_PAID_2020.pdf, Validation and psychometric properties of the Italian version of the Fear of Guilt Scale, The link between mother and child's obsessive-compulsive symptoms: A test of simple and serial mediation models in a healthy community sample, Interpersonal Forgiveness and Adolescent Depression. Seminars in thrombosis and hemostasis 26 (03), 243-254, AT Stopeck, AC Nicholson, FP Mancini, DP Hajjar, Journal of Biological Chemistry 268 (23), 17489-17494. R De Franchis, FP Mancini, A D'Angelo, G Sebastio, I Fermo, ... American journal of human genetics 59 (1), 262. What kind of guilt do OC patients want to prevent? Objectives. BO Olatunji, MW Moretz, D McKay, F Bjorklund, PJ de Jong, J Haidt, ... Journal of cross-cultural psychology 40 (2), 234-255. Data are now available regarding the effectiveness of mindfulness... Introduction Insomnia, defined as the subjective inability to get satisfactory sleep, is a distressing and invalidating condition impinging on daily functioning, compromising social relations and working performance. Una rassegna della letteratura su teorie, ricerche e trattamento. Objective This study aimed at examining the relationship among constructs particularly relevant to adolescents' well-being, including forgivingness (dispositional forgiveness) anger, depression and Hedonic Balance (HB). “Don’t Play God!”: Is inaction preference linked to obsessive compulsive characteristics? The present study stems from three general assumptions about prosocial behav-iour: a) that it has an evolutionary foundation; b) that it is sensitive to the inter-personal context in which it takes place; and c) that it can be supported by differ-ent values and motives. Publications 201. Il trauma psicologico complesso, la cui drammatica peculiarità risiede nell’essere di... Il disturbo ossessivo-compulsivo (DOC) comporta profonde sofferenze e gravi difficoltà esistenziali e relazionali, inizia in età precoce e tende a cronicizzare, compromettendo l'intera esistenza. Literature indicates that positive feelings towards oneself and others are important assets for well-being. In line with the Appraisal Theories of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), in this review we present some experiments aimed at demonstrating the role of fear of guilt in OCD. Recent data suggests that several psychopathological conditions are associated with alterations in the variability of behavioral and physiological responses. We contrast our thesis with more traditional and earlier approaches (e.g. On the one hand, the increase of cancer survival rates and complexity of care is exposing patients to this type of fear. Obsessive-compulsive disorder: the strength of psycological models of mental illness. Solo in Italia colpisce quasi 3 milioni di persone ed è un’importante causa di morte tra i giovani. Psicoterapia cognitiva dell’infanzia e dell’adolescenza. The Journal of clinical investigation 100 (11), 2680-2690. The evolutionary perspective on human emotions and motivations posits that all interpersonal interactions are shaped by an array of social mentalities, dwelling on our species' bio-behavioral disposition to pursue some evolutionarily valuable social goals (i.e., interpersonal motivational systems). Francesco Mancini Associate Dean (Executive Education) & Associate Professor in Practice, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy Only verified researchers can join ResearchGate and send messages to other members. In questo articolo intendiamo sostenere la tesi che esistano due sensi di colpa ben distinti fra loro: il senso di colpa deontologico e quello altruistico. This appears to be consistent both with OCD symptoms and what patients often complain about (e.g. Review by: Francesca Tondi. Fairness Is a More Effective Interpersonal Motive than Care for Sustaining Prosocial Behaviour, A Theoretical Integration of Schema Therapy and Cognitive Therapy in OCD Treatment: Conceptualization and Rationale (Part II), A Theoretical Integration of Schema Therapy and Cognitive Therapy in OCD Treatment: Experiential Techniques and Cognitive-Based Interventions in Action (Part III), A Theoretical Integration of Schema Therapy and Cognitive Therapy in OCD Treatment: Goals and Beliefs of the Obsessive Mind (Part I), Goals and functions of rumination: A review, Early life experiences in ocd and other disorders: a retrospective observational study using imagery with re-scripting. Bias attentivo verso gli stimoli inerenti la colpa nel disturbo ossessivo-compulsivo: un'indagine preliminare, Obsessive Patients and Deontological Guilt: A Review, Romanian immigrants in Italy: mental healt and potential protective and vulnerability factors, Terapia cognitivo-comportamentale del trauma interpersonale, La mente ossessiva. Các bài viết sau đây được hợp nhất trong Scholar. Nuovi sviluppi. SofaScore is free livescore site where you can follow real-time live scores, fixtures and results over 20 sports. Da ulteriori dati scientifi ci emerge come, da una parte l'induzione del senso di colpa aumenti la sensibilità al disgusto e, dall'altra, come la pulizia fi sica porti alla purifi cazione della coscienza. Projects 4. A particular form of social withdrawal is the hikikomori sindrome, identified in Japan (Saito, 1998). The Japanese Saito coined the term “hikikomori” to define an extreme form of social withdrawal, particularly present in Japan (1998). However, there is a lack of sleep studies focusing on all family members. (dispositional forgiveness) anger, depression and Hedonic Balance (HB). Previous studies empirically support the existence of a distinctive association between deontological (but not altruistic) guilt and both disgust and obsessive-compulsive (OC) symptoms. Jeho hudba reprezentuje prechodné obdobie medzi barokovou a klasickou érou. When these individuals experience such an emotion, they are inevitably compelled to reason about its cause. Francesco appartient à l'illustre famille Mancini. Moreover, we explored the association between psychological distress or specific disorders and a few demographic and cultural variables connected to the im... L’approccio cognitivo-comportamentale, annoverato come uno degli approcci al trattamento più efficaci per la cura del trauma infantile, ha negli anni consolidato un ricco bagaglio di conoscenze atte alla comprensione e alla cura di questo complesso quadro clinico. Son dernier résultat est la 155ème place pour le Gran Premio Bruno Beghelli en 2017. This study aimed to investigate the relationship between sleep, mood, and stress in mothers, fathers and... Riassunto L'Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) è un protocollo di provata effi cacia per la desensibilizzazione e rielaborazione dei ricordi di esperienze avverse, tanto da essere indicato dalle linee guida internazionali come trattamento di prima linea per il disturbo post-traumatico da stress. And it does... Background and objectives: The connection between disgust and obsessions and compulsions in a non-clinical sample, Homocysteine, coagulation, platelet function, and thrombosis. Pro12Ala substitution in the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma2 is not associated with type 2 diabetes. When you are (representing) a composer, and you are … Francesco MANCINI (1679-1758) est un(e) artiste né(e) en 1679. Objective: Schema Therapy (ST) places particular emphasis on affective experiences, therapeutic relationship and early life experiences. We explored the possible influence of the models offered by television (TV) on adolescents’ body image, body uneasiness, eating-disordered behavior, depression, and anxiety. Inoltre, la maggior parte dei disturbi mentali che si mantengono in età adulta esordisce in questa fascia d'età. He was an important teacher and managed to obtain his greatest duty during Alessandro Scarlatti's absence from the Neapolitan court, between 1702 and 1708. Ad hoc ST conceptualizations for specific psychological conditions, mainly focusing on personality disorders, have been suggested in the last decade. Biography. CD album - Claves - septembre 2020 Expédié sous 4 à 8 jours Livraison à partir de 2 €79. Fear of recurrence is a crucial issue in cancer care. Emozioni, depressione e perdono interpersonale: quando perdono sto meglio, e sento di far parte di una più vasta comunità umana. Francesco Mancini (16 January 1672 – 22 September 1737) was a Neapolitan composer. Previous studies also showed that deontological guilt is an emotion often associated with obsessive‐compulsive‐disorder. Primary prevention of atherosclerosis: a clinical challenge for the reversal of epigenetic mechanisms? In recent years, ImRs was found effective in reducing symptoms of disorders such as depressi... Introduction Schema Therapy 1 is an integrated cognitive-behavioral approach, which combines traditional behavioral and cognitive strategies to experiential, emotion-focused and attachment models. Objectives: One of the largest clusters of Covid-19 infections was observed in Italy. Informazioni. M Margaglione, E Celentano, E Grandone, G Vecchione, G Cappucci, ... Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology 16 (2), 304-309. In 1844 Francesco Mancini became a student at the Naples Royal Institute of Fine Arts, where he studied drawing and attended Gabriele Smargiassi’s course on landscape from 1846. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Francesco’s connections and jobs at similar companies. Milano: Raffaello Cortina, 2016, pp. The late Baroque composer Francesco Mancini, although somewhat obscure now, was second only to Alessandro Scarlatti in his day. The emotion of guilt plays a pivotal role in the genesis and maintenance of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Oggetto del presente lavoro è una ricerca sul destino professionale dei di- plomati nelle Scuole di Specializzazione in Psicoterapia Cognitiva e Comportamentale, dell’Associazione di Psicologia Cognitiva (APC) e della Scuola di Psicoterapia Cogni- tiva (SPC). o Gli interventi basati sul... Introduzione. o La letteratura scientifica dimostra come programmi basati sulla Mindfulness siano efficaci per incrementare il benessere psicologico e la qualità della vita di varie popolazioni cliniche e non-cliniche. This article in available in full text at Several studies suggest the existence of two different types of guilt emotions, namely deontological guilt and altruistic g... We investigated the mental health, in terms of reported Axis I psychiatric symptoms, of a sample of Romanian Immigrants in Italy, using the Psychiatric Diagnostic Screening Questionnaire (PDSQ). Psychological accounts of the disorder have been proven to be sound and accurate, explaining many facets... L'approccio cognitivista descrive la mente come un sistema di scopi e conoscenze che regolano sia le reazioni emotive, sia l'attività mentale, sia la condotta individuale. When you register on, you will be able to subscribe to the monthly newsletter.You will also be able to edit pages on the site or add new content, depending on your wishes.. Are you a composer? Professore Associato presso: Dipartimento di Ingegneria "Enzo Ferrari" Sorry, you need to be a researcher to join ResearchGate. Intimal accumulation of low density lipoprotein and its oxidation …, IL-6DBP, a nuclear protein involved in interleukin-6 signal transduction, defines a new family of leucine zipper proteins related to CEBP. Contact. Afficher les profils des personnes qui s’appellent Francesco Mancini. Biographie. L'INTEGRAZIONE DELL'EMDR NEL TRATTAMENTO DEL DOC, When positive emotions lead to feeling bad. I obsessively clean because deontological guilt makes me feel physiologically disgusted! En stock en magasin Choisir . In this study we examined the gender differences in self-reported forgiving behaviours in a sample of Italian preadolescents (aged 11 to 14 years), who were either involved or not involved in religious practises. Network. Publications. Par... Hyper-emotion theory states that psychological disorders are conditions in which individuals experience emotions that are appropriate to the situation but inappropriate in their intensity. Le persone che perdon... Background and objectives: Criticism is thought to play an important role in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and obsessive behaviors have been considered as childhood strategies to avoid criticism. Francesco Mancini est un coureur cycliste sur route italien, né le 5 Octobre 1995. Così, anche i sintomi psicopatologici, nella maggior parte dei casi, possono essere considerati espressione di attività finalizzate al raggiungimento di un obiettivo, al pari di... Anxiety disorders may not only be characterized by specific symptomatology (e.g., tachycardia) in response to the fearful stimulus (primary problem or first-level emotion) but also by the tendency to negatively evaluate oneself for having those symptoms (secondary problem or negative meta-emotion). Francesco Mancini is Associate Dean and Co-Director (Executive Education) and Associate Professor in Practice at the National University of Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, as well as an Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University’s School of … This paper aims to investigate whether inaction choices in moral dilemmas are specifically linked to o... From the first compelling psychoanalytic formulation at the beginning of last century by Sigmund Freud, to the latest cognitive-behavioural models, psychology has been at the forefront of the understanding of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). DISGUSTO E DEONTOLOGIA: SENTIRSI DISGUSTOSAMENTE CONTAMINATI RENDE PIÙ RISPETTOSI DELLA DEONTOLOGIA 1 DISGUST AND DEONTOLOGY: FEELING DISGUSTINGLY CONTAMINATED LEADS TO RESPECT TOWARDS DEONTOLOGY, Association between Attention and Heart Rate Fluctuations in Pathological Worriers, L'utilizzo della mindfulness con gli adolescenti. Francesco a 3 postes sur son profil. L'adjudication la plus ancienne enregistrée sur le site est un(e) peinture vendu(e) en 1986 chez Sotheby's et la plus récente est un(e) dessin-aquarelle vendu(e) en 2020. A judgemental attitude towards one's inner experience predicts depression and anxiety, Professional efficacy of psychotherapy training, Further comments on the dualistic approach to the sense of guilt. Francesco Mancini (Compositeur), Yi-Chang Liang (Interprète), Ensembel Ij Space (Interprète) (CD album) 10€ offerts tous les 100€ d'achat. distraction, memory lapses). An experiment based on the Dictator Game (DG) was car-ried out, in which two gr... Rumination, defined as a habitual and repetitive thinking style that revolves around a specific theme, has been involved in the development and maintenance of severe psychopathologies. The population was forced to home confinement, exposing individuals to increased risk for insomnia, which is, in turn, associated with depression and anxiety. Imagery Rescripting (ImRs) is a therapeutic technique that aims to reduce the distress associated with negative memories of early aversive experiences. Francesco Campus is on Facebook. Les cotes et indices de l'artiste établis par reposent sur 25 adjudications. University students and faculty, institute members, and independent researchers, Technology or product developers, R&D specialists, and government or NGO employees in scientific roles, Health care professionals, including clinical researchers, Journalists, citizen scientists, or anyone interested in reading and discovering research. The emotions of guilt and disgust play a pivotal role in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Feeling guilty as a source of information about threat and performance, Influence of alginate concentration and molecular weight on functional properties of mayonnaise, Fruit‐alginate interactions in novel restructured products.