CDC - Centro di Documentazione e Studi dei Comuni Italiani

The Italian Municipalities Documentation Center

The value of municipal culture. A modern italian heritage

Italian Municipalities Documentation Center was created in 2011 by ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) in collaboration with its foundation IFEL (Institute of Finance and Economics for Local entities) to promote ANCI Historical Archive and the documentary and informative heritage of Association, of IFEL and of the whole municipal system . Its goal is to promote municipal culture and to be a resource and a point of reference for associations, experts, politicians and of all who are interested in municipal world. Documentary, statistical and historical heritage, guarded in Library rooms, is composed of almost 7.000 units (monographs, books and magazines) dating from 1940's till today. The Library contains also many legal and fiscal books that influenced Italy administrative life, for the last 70 years. It became a member of ICCU (Central Institute for the Unique Catalogue), a Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities project. Moreover, the Library intends to be a modern space of encounter and dialogue for Italian municipalities, to organize events as conferences, seminars, training days. The other important element of Italian Municipalities Documentation Center is ANCI Historical Archive, it is conserved near Library rooms and it contains a documentary heritage of more than 100.000 units, whose we are setting up the inventory. It represents a place of memory of Italian municipalities associative life, that is renewed every days by Mayor and City Council activities. It is a place where politicians can express their voice. The Documentation Center website is a virtual catalogue and hub that offers data, publications, events and it represents an important documentation tool for who wants to know about italian municipal system. It tells, every day, about civil, political, social and economic life of italian municipalities, to understand yesterday, today and tomorrow history of Italy and its people.

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